As a constituent of the wall, the use of brick has been known since long. Even now many substitutes to make walls, but most people still prefer bricks when building a house. Brick has several advantages that until now is still being used. Let’s see more of the legendary brick and the reasons why so many people love it.

Raw Materials Bricks

Raw material of bricks is clay or clay that has been cleaned of gravel and other stones. This property can be easily found all around us. That is one reason, bricks readily available. Sometimes, we see the bricks of different colors and hardness. This difference is due to differences in the raw materials used as well as different firing techniques are applied.

Types of Bricks

Generally, there are two types of bricks, which are:

Conventional brick

The bricks are made ​​the traditional way and using simple tools. Clay or clay that has been cleaned, given a little water and then molded into the shape of the boxes. Mould bricks are usually made ​​of wood, which is simply made ​​into boxes.

Dough that has been printed, removed and dried in the sun to dry. The bricks are dried and then arranged to resemble a high building and then burned in a long long time, for about 1 hour until the stone looks charred. Flame temperature during combustion can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. In a typical brick kiln using grass or rice that will make bricks have small holes resembling pores.

One of the characteristics of conventional brick is not always the same shape, sloppy and rough texture. This can be understood as a conventional brick-making using simple tools and prefers human resources in its manufacture.

Brick pres

This brick making using machines. The result is a brick that has a smooth texture, the same size and look more presentable.

Why Bricks?

Choosing a brick wall as the materials are quite reasonable. This is because the bricks have advantages, including:

Low Cost

Clay is the main ingredient of bricks readily available and quite a lot of stock in our country. This caused the price of bricks reasonably priced.

Easy to assemble

In addition to the raw materials that are easily obtainable. The bricks are easy to make, requiring only simple tools and a small investment that many people who can make it. Supplies bricks to be easy to obtain.

Unique color

Orange color became the hallmark of the bricks become an attraction itself. Homeowners sometimes intentionally do not cover the brick with stucco and paint, instead of bricks left exposed to give a natural feel to the house.


The bricks are resistant to heat, cool weather and damp air. This is expected to be given as one of the protective walls of the house.

Disclaimer good heat

Because of its ability to resist heat, brick is suitable to be used as a wall of the house. Brick was able to make in the house was cold but sunny weather outdoors.

Brick has become part of most houses in Indonesia. With a variety of advantages, it is not surprising that the unique colored brick is still a long way to become a part of our house.