Now there are wall cover made from materials that are more durable and able to dampen the fire.

In addition to paint other finishing options for the walls are wallpaper. Colors, motifs, and surface textures more diverse. Almost every year launched new motifs. So, you more freedom to be creative create the desired interior style. Any interior theme can be worked with wall paper.

First as the name of wall paper made of paper. But, now there are from vinyl, textiles, straw, or even a banana, and therefore called wall cover. Wall spelled the vinyl cover of the least favorite because it is not easy to tear, durable, and capable of reducing fire (fire retardant).

There is a flat texture (flat), embossed (raised), and in registered (arise and as if carved). Backing parts (back) was also varied. Apart from the paper can also be of fiber non woven fabric or cloth.

Non woven allows wall cover more glue and hold in case of cracked walls. Cover with a cloth while the wall is more easily removed and relocated. Wall cover with backing fabric fiber commonly used in commercial buildings.

There are also hand painted wall cover (handmade) the motif or drawing directly made on wall cover attached. For a child’s room is dominated by bright colors, available wall cover glow in the dark that the motive emit light when a dark room or the lights turned off.

Another choice for a child’s room is a wall cover illustrated but not colored. So, kids can color it with crayons. The use of wall cover are also more durable than paint. Normally, it can last up to 10 years. Compare with paint that must be refreshed every 2-3 years.