Due to limited land, you feel it might be impossible if the front yard used as a park. You also prefer to use it as a garage or porch expands.

But, creating a fresh air in the house did not have to rely on the front or back yard. If you have a space that is not too broad in the room, you can use it as a garden in the house. In order for the garden in the house look beautiful.

Create a dry garden

Do not imagine a garden in the house like a garden outside the house are covered with grass. You should not use the soil and grass as garden pedestal, because the grass is withered if indoors and get less sunlight. Instead make a dry garden using rocks, while the plants can you put in the pot.

Check the air circulation

Although grown in dry land, keeping the plants need sunlight and air. We recommend using a transparent roof, for example, with a canopy or use nets that are usually used to grow orchids as a roof garden inside your home.

Select appropriate plants

Do not use plants that need your attention, you should select not need watering every day. For example, cacti, sansivieria, palms and cycads. Even so, make sure that these plants get enough sunlight, because the plants for dry gardens tend to grow faster if exposed to warm air. Otherwise you will not grow adenium in the room, because of the lack of light will make it difficult flowering.

Check the drainage system

A minimum of 2-3 days you have to water the plants in the dry garden. Therefore, make sure the rest of the sprinkling water to flow smoothly into the drain outside the home. It is important to avoid stagnant water that could trigger the growth of moss in the area around the park.

Use as a vegetable area

When the area of the house is pretty much exposed to sunlight, you can also use it as a hydroponic vegetable planting area, such as tomatoes or lettuce. However, note the level of humidity, because if it is too humid for example during the rainy season-potential crops to rot.

Add antifungal material

You may only use waste materials, such as glass or bottle that is no longer used as a garden ornament. Bottles can be used as a place to plant tillandsia (water plant), home use antifungal coating so durable material.