Limited house space often becomes an obstacle for parents to create enough bedroom for three children. Especially if in the house there are only two bedrooms, main room, and secondary room.

Setting the ideal room for sleeping three children is certainly not an easy thing. Do not be confused first, see tips cleverly arranging the bedroom for the following three children.

Utilizing the space angle

Custom bed bed above can be the inspiration of parents in filling small bedroom furniture. A compact and functional system makes children not only sleep comfortably, but have neat and accessible cabinets and drawers.

Boy and girl

If your three children are a mixture of men and women, then make a division of the area and design each according to his pleasure.

For example the upper bunk area for the boy, and the lower bunk area for girls. Choose a neutral wall style to keep it fit for both male and female gender.

Model side by side

Inspiration of this custom bed bed you can also contek by utilizing the concept of high-rise beds. While cabinets and high racks are made attached to the other side.

The bed at the top would usually prefer to be the oldest sister, while the two siblings slept on the bottom bunk.

Minimalist style

Still utilizing the concept of bed level, this bedroom inspires a minimalist style on the selection of materials and furniture.

Imitating the model bed Sakura Sakura, the three mattresses deliberately placed directly undisturbed by the high bed frame. Meanwhile, the selection of all-white color features minimalist impression that carried.

Three types of beds

For an elongated bedroom, you can outsmart the area by filling three bed beds for each child.

The selection of matching furniture and linen fabrics can give the impression of a disciplined and unique “dormitory” room. The sofa at the foot of the bed also serves as a storage container for children’s toys.

The bedrooms are compact

Creative idea to create space-saving bedroom. The three-story slide bed is a smart and unique choice. Meanwhile, the side of the bed can be used as a framework of drawers or cabinets.