Glass as an accessory is making home interiors brighter and seem relieved. In addition, the light also makes the power consumption.

However, exposure to rain and dust in a prolonged period of time can leave stains on the surface of the glass. Often stains are difficult to clean.

Before cleaning the stain glass, you’ll want to pay attention to the following points:

The main content of glass cleaner

Isopropyl alcohol is a chemical most widely used in glass cleaning mixture. This material may dissolve minerals that are not too attached to the glass. In addition, the minerals will evaporate along with the evaporation of the alcohol. For optimal results, use a cleaning agent containing isopropyl alcohol.

Ammonia in glass cleaner

Most glass cleaners contain ammonia in it. Ammonia is very effective in destroying the minerals are attached to the glass. In addition, the ammonia form a layer that can impede the emergence of a new stain on the glass.

However, you should not use cleaners with ammonia on tinted glass. Because the nature of ammonia can fade the color of the glass.

Glass cleaning tool

In the market there are many glass cleaning tools, such as sponges, wipers, and fiber. Each product has the function of each. Fiber cloth is used to remove dust on the glass to prevent scratches. This cloth should be used at the beginning of the cleaning process.

Spongy material serves to spread soap or detergent glass cleaner. While wiper function to remove the remaining soap after cleaning the glass. Tools are usually made of rubber also will not leave a mark on the glass.