The kitchen in the home may have different sizes and different designs. If you already have children, of course, very important to keep the room to be safe for them.

When kids are in the kitchen, do not let them just play or just for fun only there, but also teach cooking skills, understand the importance of hygiene in preparing food, and know good nutrition for the body.

Some things that should be added when designing a child-friendly kitchen, among others, the use of which is not too slippery floor, a table with a safety in the corner, and setting up cooking equipment that can be used child.

Find out what other things that should be taken to ensure that the kitchen becomes a safe place for children and the whole family.

Prevent the risk of heat or burning

The kitchen has objects that dissipates heat and can injure a child such as a stove, oven, microwave, and a hot griddle. Even boiling water can injure a child’s skin is still very soft. To prevent this risk, here are some things you can do:

  • Always supervise children in the kitchen. If you’re busy cooking, enlist the help of another adult. If necessary a child seat in the Highchair and provide his favorite snack. Or it could be used as a playpen fence sitters to keep the child safe inside.
  • Teach children not to touch the hot kitchen furniture such as stoves and ovens. When laying the pan, make sure the handle is not facing out to facilitate the child to pick it up. Check your surroundings before opening oven.
  • Be careful when giving food and drink to children, make sure the parents tasted it first in order to know whether the food is too hot or not.

Prevent the risk of falling

Early childhood is easy to fall in a high chair, especially when they’re trying to achieve something. Wet floors can make them slip, here are some tips to prevent children do not fall in the kitchen.

  • Never turned a child when she was standing in a high chair, a better place in the lower seat and use the seat belt.
  • Use anti-slip carpet on the floor of the kitchen that children do not slip.
  • Do not use baby walkers in the kitchen as prone to accidents dropped or overturned.
  • Secure telephone cables and other cables as well as any liquid that was on the floor so that children do not get caught or slip so drop.

Preventing Choking Risk

Children are happy explorer by inserting items into his mouth. A little thing can make a child to choke. Consider the following tips to prevent children from choking or drinking harmful chemicals.

  • Keep medicines out of reach of children
  • Always make sure the kitchen floor clean of nuts, seeds, small fruits, and other things that can potentially make a child to choke.
  • Hide cleaning fluid such as dishwashing liquid, bleach, oven cleaners, to the invisible child.
  • Consider using natural cleaners that do not contain harmful chemicals.