Along with the progress quite rapidly, are now popping up various models and types of diverse minimalist home. Currently the house is not just a shelter from the sun and rain, but it has become part of self-expression of the residents. That is why today many developed various residential extremely varied both interior and exterior design.

For those of you who currently own residential with minimalist concept, here we present some interesting tips to consider before building a shelter that is clean, beautiful, and comfortable with the concept of minimalist 2 story, please Full scrutiny.

The first thing to note of course is the area of ​​land to be built, the land area is closely related to what the room will be created as a living room, dining room, bathrooms, number of bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

Specify the number of the room and adjust the availability of land. Choose the design and size of the room in accordance with the requirements, if you are confused on this blog we have provided some of the best home design that you can use as a reference.

Because the houses to be constructed consists of two floors, which specify any room that will be placed on the first floor and the floor 2. Ensure the division to be taken carefully. For example, on the 1st floor consists of a living room, family room, bathroom, and kitchen. While the second floor consists of a bedroom and a den.

To try not to choose a selection of paint colors that stand out because of the minimalist houses identical with muted colors like gray, beige, brown, and black. Avoid excessive decoration because it would eliminate the impression of an elegant and modern minimalist.