Always plenty of ways to make room in your house to make it look larger or more magnificent, not least the bathroom area. Yes, the bathroom area although you can also order to appear larger at the same time beautiful.

Therefore don’t limit creativity due to the size and shape of your bathroom are standard. To see some of the inspiration to transform the tiny bathroom to make it look oh!

1. Using Wallpaper

Provide image patterns bustling area of ​​narrow sounds contradictory, but actually the smaller the room, the more freely you make a change in the room.

Use paint colors are striking, rugs with thick fur, and of course wallpaper with attractive motif. You could also try a floral or animal skin color. If you occupy a place to stay rental, use wallpaper that can be removed and installed.

2. Make the side walls

Instead of thinking about how to hide the corner of a small bathroom, it is better take advantage of the bathroom by adding ornaments such as a pair of chandelier to give a fresh atmosphere in the space. You can also put a mirror so that the room seem more spacious than its original size.

3. Shelves Bathroom Wall

In a small bathroom, a place to store toiletries is very important. If you do not have enough place to put a storage cupboard in the bathroom, consider using a shelf or shelves on the side walls of the bathroom.

In addition to adding storage, rack design that will provide value architecture arranged in the room. If you have a bath tub, place this rack beside him so that when soaking you can take toiletries with ease.

4. Give Fabrics at Bottom of sink

The classic way is often done in ancient times is the use of fabric at the bottom of the bathroom sink. This is usually done to hide objects that are scattered in the bathroom. Use the color white cloth that is not too obvious, in addition to the white color is neutral so it is safe to be combined with other colors.

5. Can Still Use Bath Tub

Relax with a soak in the bath tub after a long day of fun sounds. But what if your bathroom is too small?

Currently in the bath tub market has many different sizes and shapes ranging from small to large. Even from oval to round shape. Select appropriate to the size of the bathroom as well as black or white to give the impression of elegance.

6. Use Color White

Bathroom with white is a very neutral choice. Besides the white color also can make the bathroom look more tidy and clean. To add a chic impression in the bathroom, give an accent color like the color of gold.