Teak wood is the main option to be used as furniture. Because the wood is known for strong and resistant to termites, so it was quite easy to maintain. It features not only make local buyers attracted, also targeting foreign consumers of teak furniture.

Choosing Teak Furniture

Choosing teak furniture is nice indeed easy bother, especially if the prospective buyer does not understand the ins and outs of teak. To that end, Rina gives some tips to choose furniture teak good.

“Usually by naked eye, the look that nice teak wood can be seen from finishing it. If finishing is good, then the wood is also a good base. Conversely, if the finishing is less tidy, a little hairy, or rough, then the wood is definitely not good enough, ”

There are some sellers offer furniture using teak only on the surface of it, while at the back or bottom, using a t-block or plywood. “By tapping the surface of the furniture, we can know the difference.

Teak wood has several types and grades. A great teak on the market should be off white (not having a rather fluffy white part) and remove the eye (do not have the ‘eye’ which is a branch of candidates). The white part is usually so fine dining termites, while the ‘eye’ makes the wood more brittle.

“Teak is harvested while still small, is definitely part of his skin is white and still have eyes,” said Rina. “Wood furniture like this can be made, but not great. Usually, this kind of wood is used to reduce the selling price. ”

From the price, the wide plank teak wood, the more expensive. To adapt to the market price, normally used board connection.

To select teak chair, to be seen whether the seat off the eyes and off white. “‘Lives’ at the foot of the chair. If there are ‘eyes’ at the foot of the chair, the chair-prone broken, “said Rina. “To table, to consider a surface. Choose a smooth surface and is not fragile. ”

But if you are not sure, said Rina, should potential customers buy with a friend who understands the intricacies of identity, or entrusted to the seller. “Usually the buyer will recommend a furniture store can trust the quality of their products,” said Rina.

Caring for Teak Furniture

To clean teak furniture is very easy: simply wipe using teak oil or pledge. Teak oil is usually sold in a store building materials, while the pledge is available at the mall or super market. This treatment can be done every six months. “But for everyday care, simply use a damp cloth.

For furniture that has a lot of carvings, require more specialized treatment. “Use a small brush to clean the grooves carved out of the dust. Then the brush was given fluids teak oil, and clean the back of the carving indentations.