Make the house always looks clean and shiny is always a desire of every person. But that does not mean you have to spend the entire weekend with the clean-up activities such as washing, dusting or scrubbing the floor.

For instance, follow the following tips on what to do every day in order to clean-up event is no longer a burden, can be faster, and fun.

1. Separate clothes after use

When washing your clothes to separate ordinary white clothes with colored clothes? Do it in the beginning by setting up two different laundry basket. One is used for white clothes and one for color.

When the washing time arrives then you have no need to perform the separation of back.

2. Turn on the exhaust fan when cooking

One of the uses of turning on the exhaust fan when cooking is to prevent the buildup of oil stains on the kitchen table. Do this especially when you’re frying or making stir.

Round air from exhaust particles will suck up the oil so it will not contaminate the surface of the stove or the kitchen table.

3. Wash the dishes while cooking

While waiting for soup or dish cooked, take advantage of that time to wash the frying pan or bowl that has been used previously.

This way you do not have to wait for the time the meal was over and accumulate all the cooking utensils that were too tired to wash everything.

4. Clean the rest of the soap in the shower

After a bath in the morning, add a few minutes to clean the remaining soap stuck to the wall. This is done in order to taint the rest of the soap into the dirt on the sidelines of the wall so requires extra energy when cleaning it.

5. Clean all clean-up equipment

The use of cleaning supplies on a continuous basis can make the entire dirt trapped in the equipment so that you become a need to work harder and longer to clean.

Do not forget to always clean all the cleaning equipment in order to keep providing optimal results. If necessary, replace the cleaning tool a few months.

6. Remove shoes before entering the house

An easy way to reduce dirt and dust into the house is to ask all members of the family to take off his shoes before entering the house. Dust and dirt will make you have to mop up the floor repeatedly.

In addition, the dirt that has accumulated on the sidelines of the floor will require extra cleaning.

7. Allow the cleaning fluid

If you’re cleaning the toilet or bath, pour and set aside some time a special cleaning fluid in the furnishings. This will make all the dirt is softer so you do not need to rub too hard to clean.

Take advantage of the waiting time to clean the other part of the bathroom.