Do you have more than one house? If you are one of those lucky people, you can use the house to get passive income, such as renting a house either monthly or yearly.

As a rental owner, you have an obligation to provide various facilities that can be a tenant’s strong reason to feel at home and become a long-term tenant. But before deciding to rent a house you have, there are important things that you should not ignore.

Trim the house

Before renting a house, you better tidy up the house first. Trim homes before being surveyed by tenants. If necessary, make repairs if any buildings or properties are damaged and require repair. Prioritize renting short-term improvements to increase rental rates and gives the impression of either cleaning the carpet, painting the walls with new colors to replace the curtains.

Do not let you are too eager to rent a house so do not pay attention to neatness and cleanliness of the house. When prospective tenants come to the location, the house is in a mess and less feasible, in addition to lowering the rental price, this can undo the tenants to rent your home.

Meet the tenants

Simple actions such as meeting with tenants should be done before signing lease documents. This will give you a better idea of ​​how they plan or use rental properties to avoid fraud.

During this meeting, it is better to make a joint agreement, you can explain what the rights and obligations of each party complete with the consequences to be borne if one of the parties are reluctant to meet the agreements and agreements that have been made together.

In fact, this simple thing is used to avoid future conflicts. Moreover, we do not know exactly what kind of characteristic properties of the tenants.

Renting a house, and being used as a business field is profitable, but if this is not done with caution it is not possible to even harm you.