You are interested in buying AC but are confused when given the choice of Standard AC, Low Watt or AC Inverter? Here we will discuss the three types of AC in the hope that you will understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type of AC. We hope that after reading this article you can choose exactly what type of air conditioner is suitable for your use and needs.

AC with Low Wattage

AC with Low Watts has the same way of working with AC Standard. The difference lies in the compressor that uses less electricity. To achieve the same ability,

Low wattage air conditioning works by strengthening the fan in the outdoor unit.

In general, low-voltage air conditioners have a higher price than AC Standard but using electricity is more efficient so your electricity costs will be cheaper up to ~ 20-30{a1129f71d0e58dad109d4d54c282b015a496a143beb385ee452b674c55d4a9d7} per month.

The AC is very suitable for homes that have minimal electric power because it has a small electric pull compared to other types of AC.

For example, the AC 1pk from Sharp uses 690W of electricity compared to 900W which is needed by the 1PK Standard AC from Sharp.

Lack of AC with Watts is low only in the fact that the room will feel slower cooler than Standard AC because this AC uses the least amount of power.

AC Inverter

AC inverter is an air conditioner with the highest price. The technology contained in the AC inverter makes the fan on the AC inverter work as you wish to reach the desired room temperature.

For example, if you set the temperature 24 on your remote AC inverter then at the start of the AC the inverter will work very hard to cool the room. This initial use uses electricity that is higher than AC Standard. When the room temperature has reached 24 (according to remote AC) the compressor on the AC inverter will work to a minimum.

This AC inverter will continue to work to ensure the room temperature is in accordance with the temperature set on the remote. This makes the AC inverter not suitable for rooms whose doors are often opened or many people come in and out.

AC Inverter are also not suitable for short-term use because the electricity is initially very high so it is not efficient in electricity usage.

Table Advantages & Disadvantages of Standard AC, AC with Low Wattage

& AC Inverter

 AC StandardAC with Low WattageAC Inverter
Standard  The longest  Time Required For Cold Rooms  The soonest. AC inverter use the largest initial electric pull to make a cold room as soon as possible.
Start Electric PullHighLower than AC StandardThe tallest. The use of electricity will decrease when the room is cold.
Electric EfficiencyStandardEfficiency More efficient than AC StandardMore efficient than Low Watt AC with proper usage records. Using the wrong room will cause this AC to be the least efficient. The electric pull at the start is very high but the use of electricity will drop dramatically when the room has reached a set temperature on the remote.
Freon UsedR22 / R32R22 / R32R401 (more expensive than R22 or R32)
PriceCheapestAmong Standard AC & AC InvertersMost expensive. The inverter air conditioner is the air conditioner with the highest caste.

What is the most efficient type of air conditioner?

There are 2 possibilities for the most economical AC depending on its use.

Low Watt AC is the most economical AC for use that is not long (about 2-3 hours) or for rooms that often open the door closes and pass people out in and out.

AC Inverter is the most economical air conditioner with a note that it is used for a long time (8 hours) and the room whose door is rarely opened. Examples of ideal rooms are the main bedroom and children’s bedroom. The difference in the use of AC is quite significant with the right scenario.

What AC Is Right For You?

Next is the recap of AC that suits you best:

• Your house has electrical power just off -> Use Low Watt AC

• The door of your AC room is often opened and closed -> Use AC Standard or Low Watt

• Your air conditioner is often signaled -> Use AC Standard or Low Watt

• Your AC only works for a short period of time (2-3 hours of use) -> Use AC Standard or Low Watt

• Your air conditioner is on in an old condition (6 hours +) in a room that is not open (example in the bedroom) -> Use AC Inverter