Studio type apartment seems now starting to shift the position of the rooms boarder in the eyes of students who are just starting their adventure in the university. With a size of approximately 21 square meters, how to store goods neatly and make the room still feels airy?

Here are tips that you can consider in managing the studio type apartment:

1. Mirror

It is common knowledge to make a small space appear to be more spacious. Give the white paint on the wall, then plug the large mirror on one wall of the room

2. Hangers Creative

Make a hanger on the wall to hang the bag. In addition to making a hanger on the wall, you can make a hanger on the back of the bedroom door or the back door of the closet for storing clothes and other accessories.

3. Beds drawers

If you are limited by the area of the room, choose a bed that has a storage drawer at the bottom of the mattress. These drawers can be used for storing socks or your important documents.

4. Multifunction Sofa

The goal is that in addition can be used as a living room sofa, also serves as an extra mattress for parents or relatives who come to stay.

5. Built-In Table

Should make a board that is coated with white board. Imagine if one-third its size bed, then the board can be used as a table mat board by adding a blanket. And on another occasion that the board can also be used as a desk or a mini meal on the wall.