Calculating the cost of buying a home for the first time can be an unforgettable experience. Especially you already imagine what it’s like to have your own home so that the spirit to make it real.

When you’ve found the house to your liking, you want to sign all the necessary documents immediately.

But remember, that buying a home will have an impact on the financial situation. In addition, you must also prepare for the cost of buying a house.

Home Maintenance Fee

If you previously rented an apartment or lived with a parent, you may not be too troubled when there is a problem or damage. Just call the apartment manager’s part or maybe hand over the issue to the parents.

Now, if something is broken in the house you have to fix it yourself, including caring for the garden when there is a grass that grows too high.

This also means you need to have new gardening tools. You should set aside a reserve fund for those things every month.

Insurance loans or home ownership

As a homeowner you certainly want to protect property investments that have been purchased. This is also mandatory entry in the cost record of buying a house.

You can consider the use of insurance to protect loans to banks or property that have been owned, especially when living in areas prone to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

Property Tax

Another thing you must remember when owning property is each year must pay taxes or commonly called the Land and Building Tax.

This tax value is usually calculated from the total property you own with a fixed value and can not be negotiated.

Cost of buying and selling

If you have chosen a home, prepare also the cost of buying a house for business sale and purchase that is usually charged by the property agent or housing developer.

This fee will cover all processing of the buying and selling process and is usually charged at the start of purchase (not when the installments are already in progress).

Note: It is a relatively large amount of funding, but you do not have to fulfill it at the same time. Group the above as needed. Something that is not very necessary can be bought later.