The bedroom is a place of privacy which should make owner comfortable to occupy it at any time. Especially when after you do a day of activities with outdoor activities that can make you tired, you can enjoy by way of resting in a comfortable bedroom. But the problem is so limited funds and limited land your bedroom. however, the question is how is made minimalist room interior design? With practical touches to make your minimalist bedroom become more comfortable and make you enjoy while you’re at it.

1. Install the wallpaper

By installing wallpaper is a good policy that will narrow bedroom luxurious impression. Moreover, the wallpaper is also cheaper than the wall paint. Not only that but also includes a wide range of wallpaper motif and varying shades of color. Besides, you can paste it anywhere you want easily.

2. Installing window curtains

Use window curtains with colors corresponding to the bedroom and you can choose the model and color hue that is suitable for your bedroom space.

3. Changing Furniture

Use furniture to suit the conditions of your room is cramped. But if you have some furniture you can do an overhaul on how to pair your furniture with wallpaper or repainting your furniture.

4. Rearrange the furniture

Rearrange your furniture in a more comfortable place to be in view. In order for your own room will certainly be a different look and will certainly make you feel more at home longer in the room your bedroom.

5. Store unused furniture

If you have a room that is narrower then you’ll want to store unused furniture into your home barn. In order for your room to look more beautiful and your room seem wider and wider even if your room is narrow and minimalist.