Painting the walls should not be indiscriminate. There are steps that you must follow. This is in order to keep the results of the painting can be maximized, including that the paint colors match the colors on the packaging. So, why is the color of paint on top of the lid is different from the color once added to the wall? It could be because the painting is not maximized.

Here’s what you should know before painting the walls:

Prepare the wall. For the new wall, wait until it is completely dry. At least 28 days old. At that time, moisture walls not more than 16%. The degree of acidity, especially in determining the success of obtaining the appropriate color packaging.

Apply anti-alkaline substances, especially for the new wall. If the wall is long, use a wall sealer. Wait a coating substance is completely dry. Hose drying time varies between two hours to one day.

Stir until smooth and perfect paint. Brush to the wall. Do it twice painting. First as a base, the second to close the pores of the wall are still open at the same time flattening. To paint, you should use a roll set downy and short, not rollers of sponge material.

Remember! For maximum results, do not touch the paint before it is completely dry.