Inhabit houses sometimes vibrate or shake an unpleasant thing because of anxiety when going to collapse, unless the house is designed to be swayed but still safe then the condition will be granted, even going so much fun because it can feel different sensations. Major problem that may occur is crumbling so potentially swallow losses are not small, even lives could have floated away. we certainly did not expect this terrible event occurred, then how to deal with house vibrate or shake? Here we will try with the hope that can provide a solution for those who happen to experience it. O.K we just started.

Examples of events rocked the house

Please advice and analysis. I just build a 2 storey house size 6 × 25. On the edge of the highway. But the top floor was rocking (not just vibrate) when the car went by home front. 2 floor area is only 6 × 6, its position at the front. Is this normal or should plus pole 1 again? For detailed specifications of the foundation and pillar at the moment I do not know, I still ask to contractor.

The cause of the house vibrate or shake

  • Several things can cause this problem, which can be analyzed that the cause is as follows:
  • The foundation of the house is too small and is unable to support the weight of the house in order to be able to stand upright without swaying.
  • Beams, columns structure does not meet the requirements to hold the house in order to remain strong.
    Location edge of the highway is an area that is prone to vibration, so that the structure must be taken into account in order to withstand earthquakes or vibration when the vehicle is passing.
  • The structure of the house has been designed with a strong, but there are unexpected events that led to the additional load of the building. for example, placing the profile tank / water bath on the 2nd floor, which is very heavy furniture and the like.
  • There is a possibility contractor seek profit as possible without taking into account the risk of building collapse, without giving enlightenment for the homeless about how strong building.
  • As a result of these things then there is likely to occur cracking walls, sloping house or even total collapse.

How to overcome the house vibrate or shake

  • Looking at the above problems coupled analysis results matters is the cause then we can take the conclusion that the choice of solutions to finish
  • Strengthen the structure, can be done by adding foundations, beams or columns to cover the power shortage that has not been available.
  • Reduce the load of the building, for example by moving the objects that are likely burdensome, for example, replace the brick wall / brick by brick light, move the water tank on the roof profile to another place, and the like.
  • That’s more or less the picture of a solution that can be delivered to overcome these problems, may be useful