With security purposes, the use of fences are common in homes in large cities. When going to install the fence, you must be smart in deciding what type of fence would you. If the fence is not in accordance with the house as a whole, it can ruin the appearance of the whole house. Although most people would choose the fence based on the preferred model, but there are other things you should consider when deciding on a fence for your home.

Fence materials

Ingredients to make the fence are now mixed. Some are made ​​of wood, metal, stone, plants. To determine what type of materials to be used, consider the model of your home. When you choose the fence, the result does not feel the unity in the model house.

Fence Design

The fence is a straight line design suitable for a minimalist style house. While the classic style, you can choose the fence that is grooved and gives the impression of luxury in your home.

High Low Fence

This generally depends on the environment you are. If one of your goals using the fence for security, the low height of the plant you can customize to your environment is. Is your home environment is a safe environment or not.

Fence color

For colors, choose colors that match your home and what image you want to display. Adjust the color of the fence with the overall color of the front wall.