The bathroom is one of the areas in a vulnerable occupancy problem. One of the problems that often happens is the wall paint that is easy to peel and damaged. This may happen because the bathroom area tends to be more humid than other rooms.

There are several alternative ways to overcome them, such as applying a half-covered concept using natural stone, exposed concrete, or combining ceramic tiles and paints. But this way is likely to spend more costs.

Well, for those of you who want to maintain the concept of full paint for the bathroom area, you should follow these powerful steps to make paint bathroom walls last longer.

1. Adequate air ventilation

It is important to have air vents in the bathroom to reduce the humidity of the room. A room with high humidity can make the walls wet and seeped resulting in paint peeling off the walls.

You can create an open-close window or use an exhaust fan that works to draw moist air out, reduce steam, and moisture. Turn on the exhaust fan for about 60 minutes after you have finished bathing.

2. Installation of neat gypsum

If the bathroom is designed using gypsum, choose the concept of dry bathroom. Use gypsum antilembap that tends to be more durable than ordinary gypsum. Then, make sure the gypsum installation is neat and correct.

3. Perfect the gypsum angle

Before installing gypsum make sure the corner of your bathroom is perfect. You can use the pro bead corner to create a symmetrical corner of the wall.

4. Durable paint

Choose a special paint and quality to apply to your bathroom. Make sure when the paint is applied properly, especially around the window, the surface around the storage rack, and the moisture-prone part so the paint can stick perfectly.

5. Good lighting

Make sure you have good lighting in the bathroom. Lighting can be natural lighting or lights. If using the natural light of the sun that enters through the window, you should check the position of the fall of the light throughout the day.

Natural light is good for savings, but also bad for paint, especially if you use a glossy or glossy paint type. Sunlight can make paint dry and peel.