The staircase of the house is one of the important parts of a house. But often the stairs also become a fairly unsafe area, especially if there are small children at home. The risk of slipping or falling from a ladder needs to be avoided through some tricks to make the house ladder safer. Well, so that the existence of the stairs in the house is safer you have to do this. What are the tips and tricks for designing stairs that are safe for children?

Must attach the handle

One of the most basic ways to design a ladder that is safe for children is to attach a handle.

So that the hand grip is not slippery, you can use a tight material so that the grip becomes safer. Don’t forget to make sure the height is right so children can’t climb it.

Do not use slippery surface material

Slippery ladder surfaces can be very dangerous because it is usually so that designing stairs that are safe for children do not choose slippery surface material.

You can use materials such as marble or wood that is more stiff. In addition, you can also install rubber mattresses on the surface of the stairs to make it safer.

Avoid using carpet motifs that are confusing

Installing carpets that have beautiful motifs or applying paint with bright colors can indeed make decorating stairs look more beautiful and charming. But if the application of the decorations actually gives the impression of an optical illusion that makes you confused when passing stairs, it should be avoided.

Because it will be safer if you can see the steps of the ladder more clearly.

Install bright lighting

When daylight lighting on the stair area does look bright and sufficient. But don’t forget to pay attention to it at night.

If you feel the lighting is lacking, install additional lights to avoid slipping or falling because the stairs are less obvious.

Don’t put things on the stairs

Placing too many items on the stairs can make the stairs look messy and less attractive. In addition, objects on a messy staircase can also interfere with steps when passing stairs. Especially if you live with a small child, it will be messy and unsafe if you keep things on the stairs.

So that home stairs are safer, it’s good that you don’t put too many items on the stairs for safety and comfort. If you want to put a flower vase or other decorative accents on the stairs, be sure to put it on the edge so it doesn’t interfere