Our house is something we should be proud. The house was clean and nice views reflect the personality of its owner. Most of us do not mind regarded as a god or goddess of households solely for our home interior settings. So how do I make schedules quickly and easily to ensure you keep your home clean and tidy? A list that is dedicated as a cheat sheet will help many people to keep their homes are kept clean and tidy. Here are some suggestions for your cleaning schedule.

1. Make a schedule to clean the realistic

The main problem with big ambitions to create and keep the house clean for most of us is our own lives. Activity outside the home tend to hinder us to maintain the cleanliness of the house every day.

So, before setting a schedule to clean, think about how the plan could correspond to reality and adjust expectations. Think clean-up schedule on the weekends when you have spare time and energy. This time is also appropriately selected because it can clean up any debris that is collected and neglected during the workday of the week.
How to make a house cleaning schedule

If you have roommates, colleagues, or other family members in the house, allocated duties or responsibilities to clean the house for each person in the rotation, but remain realistic with the possibility that people can contribute.

2. Divide the home cleaning task list into “big task” and “small tasks”

Consider to make two or three clean-up list or schedule tasks with different frequencies and coverage:

  • The task of cleaning up the massive includes tasks that you must do once in a while in a year such as cleaning the back of the oven and the inside of the drawer.
  • The task of cleaning up the medium, such as vacuuming or disinfect water in the refrigerator, can be done as a weekly schedule.
  • Smaller tasks, such as sweeping the kitchen floor and wiping the kitchen surfaces, can be used as a daily task.

3. Set the schedule for cleaning the house according to the theme or area

Depending on the size of your home, consider cleaning different areas by means of rotation, for example cleaning the floor in the first week and clean the second floor in the second week. Or, cleaning by room type, for example clean all the bathrooms in the house on a certain day of the week, vacuuming carpets and cleaning tables and bookshelves on another day in the next week, and so on.

4. Create a schedule with the help of technology

Internet not only have the right information on how to clean effectively, but also can provide an example of clean-up schedule and a list of cleaning tasks that can be printed for free to help you get started. In fact there is an application that provides a list of cleaning tasks, so you do not need to think about what you should do next. Another application allows you to split the list of co-operation and clean-up rotation with friends and family members, so you will always know who is supposed to clean up the trash on that day.