When cleaning the house, sofas and chairs can be the hardest part. Are you trying to find out how to clean leather sofa or fabric sofa? This furniture usually requires a special detergent or cleaning the sofa.

Several types of sofas are made with removable holster for gently washed in the washing machine but if your furniture is made of materials that are vulnerable or have surfaces that can not be removed, another way to cleans considered. Here’s some useful info on how to wash the couch to make it look like new.

Instructions How to Wash Sofa

How to wash a sofa can be done by several methods and use of various products. Whatever method you choose and the products for leather or fabric, the first thing that is important is to test the cleaning product on a small section couch inconspicuous. Never directly put new cleaning products on the entire surface because it may be not suitable with the material and even permanently damage your couch.

How to Clean Sofa Fabric?

How to wash fabric sofas are quite varied because each type of fabric will react differently to detergent. You should also be on guard so as not to damage or tarnish cloth inadvertently. If possible, keep the sofa fabric with vacuuming on a regular basis and handle surface stains as soon as possible. When cleaning the sofa fabric, use a special sofa suitable for this kind of material.

How to Clean Leather Sofa?

To clean leather sofas, leather sofas use special cleaning products. In addition, you can also mix the soft clothes detergent commonly used for delicate fabrics with a little water, then rubbed on the couch using a microfiber cloth.

Nuisance Odor Problems

Although most of the sofa cleaners can effectively remove dust, germs, and stains, sometimes it is not enough to scent your couch because the odor is very attached to the material. There are simple ways to refresh your sofa, by sprinkling with baking soda powder at night before bed. The next morning, baking soda and powder suction vacuum cleaner and brush. The kitchen is very effective material to absorb unpleasant odors and can also be used on other parts of the house. The furniture you should also get a good ventilation by opening a window or installing a fan in the surrounding