When you’re bored with the interior of the house, it may be time to replace the wall paint color or a more practical decorate with wallpaper.

Just as the function of paint, wallpaper can beautify the room, evokes the atmosphere as desired homeowners, as well as make the room more spacious or bright memorable. Besides the advantages of wallpaper is presenting variations of the colors at once, rather than paint which is usually only one color.

Here are four motif wallpaper to beautify your home room

1. Motif texture.

Texture patterns can give the impression of a warm, open, and spacious in a room. Texture patterns that are often used are usually brightly colored and natural wood color as the horizontal direction.

2. Florals.

Florals can feature a classic impression on your room. However, to use flower colors are bright with flowers the size of the big ones should be used on one wall. Conversely, if the color is softer with smaller flower pattern can be applied to the whole room.

3. The geometric motif.

Geometric patterns such as triangles and blend rectangular shape with a combination or monochrome shades and bright colors give the room a masculine impression. Or if you want a more modern touch could use shades of white, cream or pastel.

4. Motif art.

Wall is not just dividing antarruangan, but can also be used as an art installation. Art motifs can be used as a focal point in a room. Motif art is also very suitable for artists or artistic person who wants to show his work by hanging or put it up on the wall.