Having a clean home does not just make the occupants uncomfortable inhabitants, but also for guests who visit. In addition to setting up a powerful cleaning fluids and environmentally friendly, of course you also have to have a series of clean-up tool to use repel dirt and dust from inside the house.

Yes, the right cleaning tool will certainly facilitate clean-up process so that the results can be maximized. Then, the clean-up equipment such as what is a must-have?

1. Sponge

There are many options to choose sponge. However, to clean up, choose a soft sponge with a rough surface on one side. There is also a sponge that has a microfiber side that make it easier to remove stubborn dirt.

Do not forget to always clean sponge before and after use.

2. The White Towel

Every home is required to have a small white towel to clean up. You can buy a set of small towels are available in the supermarket. But why should choose the color white?

Functions that you can see the dirt more clearly. The white color is also easily cleaned using bleach or other citrus. If you want to be more efficient, you can also take advantage of the old unused socks to be used as a lap.

3. Squeegee

This little tool is very powerful cleaning of the glass surface or wall tiles so as become sleek. Staying spray water or cleaning fluids on the media to be cleaned and then wipe using a rubber squeegee.

You can also connect with a stick if you want to clean the squeegee to reach areas difficult to reach.

4. Wipe microfiber

Its function is almost the same with a white towel, to remove the dirt by hand directly. However, microfiber cloth has water absorbing power stronger so that you can clean effectively without leaving dust.

5. Bottle bedspread

Bottle sheets are essential to accompany your cleaning time. Fill with water or a cleaning liquid to remove dust or dirt is sticky.

6. Broom, dustpan, and Cloth Mop

The third tool is often relied upon to clean up the floor so it came back clean. Floor with material from wood, ceramic, or cement can also be cleaned effectively using all three of these tools. While dustpan function in the process of appointment of dust and dirt before ready to mop the floor.

7. Vacuum Cleaner

There are many electronic products vacuum cleaner available on the market. Choose what suits your needs and with low power to keep the floor and other furniture are kept clean and free of germs that cause allergies.

8. Bucket

A medium-sized bucket not only serves to keep the equipment clean the house, but also can be used to soak the floor to mop cleaning fluid.

9. Brush Scrub

Sometimes a sponge or washcloth less effective at removing dirt or crust attached to the surface. You could use a scrubbing brush as powerful clean tool.

10. Toothbrush

To reach the most inaccessible areas such as elbows and corner wall, a toothbrush can be used to repel dirt easily.