Technological developments along with the latest innovations are actually created to facilitate our lives. Technology is present in all aspects of life, even to penetrate into household appliances.

Nowadays even household appliances have brought smart technology. This device is made to make it easier for homeowners, especially for those who are busy. For example, remote home controllers, smart refrigerator, until the baby’s health detection table.

With this smart device you so no need to bother anymore about the affairs of the house, even though busy busy outside you can still monitor and control it.

And here are some smart technologies that every homeowner owns according to technology experts.

1. Smart switch

The smart switch technology will make it easier for you to control the home lights using your smartphone remotely. You do not have to worry anymore despite having to leave home. When leaving home until the evening you can turn on the light from a distance.

You simply connect this smart switch to the contacts of the rooms you want to control, such as a porch light, a room, or a living room.

By using this smart switch you can also reduce the cost of electricity consumption every month. Installation of the switch was quite easy, can be done alone without the help of a handyman.

2. Air purifier

If you want a healthy home environment, you can use an air purifier tech. One example is Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link which automatically captures gas and 99.95 percent of fine particles, such as allergens and pollutants.

This tool also lets you track air quality in the room using a smartphone. In fact you can make an air cleaning schedule at your home via smartphone.

3. Smoke Detector

For those of you who want to have a smoke-free home, smart smoke detectors like Nest Protect Second Generation products can be an option. This tool can detect smoke and carbon monoxide faster than ordinary smoke detectors.

In addition, this app will also provide a sound warning alert if the smoke detector alarm goes off.

4. Infant health detection table

You are just a mother of course always want to know the development and health of the baby. One of the smart products that you can lyrics is the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad product. This is a smart desk for baby health detectors.

Almost the same as the nutritional scales, this table will provide information about infant weight, food intake, and changes in infants. Interestingly, the results of such information you can see directly from your smartphone.

5. Refrigerator smart

In recent years many manufacturers have created smart fridge technology. But the latest Smart InstaView fridge LG output is quite sophisticated. This refrigerator is equipped with a 29-inch screen with pinning Windows 10 system on the door.

Interestingly with the door knock system you can see the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it. You can also view product expiration dates, write messages, view weather information, and even surf from a refrigerator screen. In addition, all also directly connected to your smartphone.