Buy a house during a property exhibition can indeed be an option for those who are hunting dream home. Many of his home options plus interesting offers. But because there are so many choices and also a tempting offer then you need to be careful. That’s why you need home buying tips when exhibiting property.

For developers, exhibition property and of course also the bank, is an event where they have the opportunity to market various products. Conversely, in the eyes of consumers, this is a hunting ground to get a dream property.

All that is offered is seductive, even can make dark eyes. Yes, you do have to be careful to choose rather than regret later. Therefore, you should prepare yourself first before hunting property at the exhibition.

And here are some tips for preparing yourself before buying a house during a property exhibition.

Know your own character

Ask yourself a question. Are you ready to live in a remote location? If the answer is yes then you can choose housing that is usually located in the suburbs.

Or maybe you are ready to live in coincidence in the middle of the city so that your mobility is easier to work? If so, the apartment suits you

Understand your ability

Consider your financial ability to make it easier for you to determine the price range of the property you want to buy. Also calculate the exact monthly repayments.

At least you can increase the limit if you combine your earnings with a partner. Only one-third or 30 percent of the amount is the maximum value that will be the installment.

Must Be Observed

And if it is ready then the following are tips on buying a house when the exhibition property that needs to be observed:

Home Order Letter

If you’ve found the home of your dreams, do not rush to pay the down payment. Instead, ask the developer to include in writing promises and interesting offers about the home marketed. The developer will usually also ask for your signature in the order letter.

The contents of the order letter is a clause that stipulates if the consumer does not sign a purchase and purchase agreement on schedule, then the order will be deemed forfeited. Ironically, developer agencies often do not show the draft letter during the exhibition.