The principle of natural color is a color that can be applied anywhere. These colors can blend with other colors in any room. Neutral color brightness reduces the effect of other colors while the white color will reinforce the other colors.

Cabinet is very close to the natural shades of brown. In order to match the brown color, choose a color that uses a multiplex cabinets made from wood. Cabinet can also be harmonized with the mosaic tiles on a kitchen panel so that it becomes an integral and contrast. To the effects of light brown cabinet, choose a bright color table top made of granite.

To obtain quiet and cool shades use a combination of white cupboards and pale green or soft colors like beige yellowish. While the choice of materials cabinets are teak wood is thick enough. Top cabinet can be dominated by the color white with green trim, while the bottom cabinet dominated by the color green paint with white trim.

Blend colors can also be done in a different color choice between kitchen set and the wall. Suppose for cabinet white or yellowish beige, dark green color on the ceramic wall and give a pale green shades on the color of the wall paint.