Wood material is not only used on the interior of the house. Wood is also widely used to beautify the outside of the house.

The problem, of wood placed outside the room will be exposed to sunlight, rain, dust, insects and even termites and rodents. For that, choose the type of hardwood that is resistant to weather and insects.

There are five types of wood are often used on the exterior of the house, the following explanation:


Teak wood or teak wood is the highest quality among all types of wood. The wood has a brownish color with fibers that form a unique texture.

Until now, the teak wood is still considered the most powerful.
Because of very slow growth teak, while the market demand is very large, making very expensive.


Merbau brown color with a little red and yellow, there is also merbau blackish gray. Its texture is like a straight line is disjointed.

To process this wood, you need extra effort. However, you do not need to do a lot of treatment for this type.

With quality wood similar to teak, merbau is sold at a price not much different.

Ulin wood

Ironwood or ironwood belong to the class of hard wood. Many people think, the more frequently exposed to water, light brown wood is getting looks nice. Because of its strength, this timber does not need special care.

Shortage of wood fiber ironwood is barely visible. Another deficiency is the wood sometimes has cracks in its surface.

Wood Bengkirai

Often referred to as chaos wood, wood from Kalimantan has a wood grain-shaped long and straight. With the appearance of amber, wood core bengkirai have a darker color than the part that is close to the surface.

When compared with the four other wood, including wood bengkirai most brittle. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find cracks after drying.

Nevertheless, this wood including hard wood that is widely used for the deck in the outer space. For the price, bengkirai sold at a cheaper price than teak and ironwood.

Sea Wood Resin

Wood resin sea is a type of hardwood that has a similar appearance bengkirai, with straight or twisted fibers.

Newly ingested marine resin generally has a yellow-brown color. The longer exposed outdoors, the darker color will.

The processing of this wood including hard, because the harsh characteristics. On the price side, marine resin slightly cheaper than wood bengkirai.