DIY videos often make repair and updating projects appear easier than they are. Painting, repurposing furniture and updating cabinet hardware are examples of DIY projects that don’t require a professional. Many other repair or improvement projects should be done by professionals. Some projects require a licensed technician and you could be putting yourself, your family and your home in danger by attempting to do the work yourself.

Electrical Projects

There’s an element of danger in most electrical repair or installation projects. If your home improvement project requires the installation of new lighting, a ceiling fan or new exterior lighting, you should contact to arrange for a professional to do the work.


Watching an instructional video may not provide sufficient information for a project such as installing carpet, tile or other types of flooring. Precise measuring skills and proper tools are needed in order for a flooring project to turn out the way it should. Flooring material is generally not inexpensive. A failed DIY flooring project can turn out to be an expensive learning experience.


Most plumbing repairs and updates should be left to professionals. They have the knowledge and proper tools to get the job done. A failed DIY plumbing project can turn into an expensive repair job. Water damage from an improper drain or faucet installation can become a costly repair. Whether it’s replacing a broken toilet or installing a new hot water heater, calling a professional is the best way to get the job done properly.

Professionals have the proper equipment to handle whatever type of repair they’re called out to do. Professionals know the rules, regulations and codes that apply to specific updating or repair projects. Having professionals do the job is more of a money-saver than attempting a DIY project that’s beyond your skill level.