Having a theme is clean, straightforward and practical, Shaker-style design is so popular in the 18th century. Shaker style began widely applied back to home decorating today.

If you are interested in this style, then you are obliged to undertake steps iconic decoration with Shaker style.

Stair chair

Stair chair is one of the ornaments will be required when applying Shaker style. The beautiful staircase seat only as an ornamental, but less comfortable when occupied. Placement can be done on the corner of the room to give a classic feel elegant.

There are many styles and design of this staircase chair. But the trademark is in the seat backrest is shaped like a row of stairs.

In addition to the backrest, seat ladder can also be placed at the bottom of the seat. Suppose a chair with a foothold as the stairs to the kitchen table in your home. The average materials for wooden chairs are made of wood.

Hangers Stake

Hanger at home peg area is characteristic both of Shaker style. You can put a number of the hangers along the hallways of your home.

The hanger can be used to simply hang umbrellas, jackets, hats to you. Such a force can be applied also in your kitchen area so it can be a hanger cookware such as pans and pots.

Versatile storage

A cupboard shelves, drawers and cabinets can be used to store an object. You can separate storage functions for each of objects such as books and other small items on the shelves of this versatile storage.


Simple and minimalist are the two words that can be used to describe objects called basket. Basket in theme shaker used as a place to accommodate clothing or other objects in the home. You can place them near the closet in your home.

Kitchen Cabinet

The last thing most condensed with Shaker style is the presence of a kitchen cabinet. Shaker style cabinet is made more simple and minimalist, without the presence of decoration. The cabinet usually wear solid wood with hand carving.