Selection of paint colors for homes with minimalist design concept is a factor that is quite important. Because improper color selection can reduce or even eliminate the impression of a minimalist. In addition, the right color can also create an atmosphere to be comfortable as well as add beauty to your home. Especially for a minimalist home, there are a few tips to consider in the selection of paint and the following are important points.

If you love bright colors, keep in mind that not too much to combine many colors. Because it will make your home atmosphere became too crowded because of the colors in the walls and create the impression of a minimalist be lost. If you really like to combine different kinds of colors, the tips is to choose one main color and other colors mix just enough to use as a list, for example, local corner wall, pillars of the house, and the rest of the house.

But if you prefer the soft and muted color, then blend the two shades of gray and maroon, or gray and black will reinforce the minimalist style of the house. With the composition of these colors will make your home more elegant and modern. Special to the bathroom, choose a paint color white because it will make your bathroom seem luxurious and spacious. Here are some examples of minimalist house paint color combinations.

Hopefully some of the above examples can inspire you in determining the selection of paint for your minimalist house. Combine some of the above model into a new concept that does not exist so that your house will look different from the others.