A growing number of apartments. While the availability of land to build affordable housing and more difficult. Even there, the location is relatively far from the city center.

Confused in choosing an apartment or house is often felt by a newly married couple. Especially that this is an asset would be purchased first. Both types of housing has advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are some of the things that distinguishes a house with apartments.

1. Letter property of right

If you choose a home, then you will have rights to land and buildings standing on it, so that your assets will be more valuable if resold. Another advantage is the land price increase of at least 10% per year. You are also free to renovate your home anytime.

If you choose an apartment, then you will not have any ownership rights over the buildings. You will only have the right to build in a certain time period that can be extended. You can only change the interior of the apartment unit that you occupy.

2. Liquid Assets

The house is a property that is being hunted, but especially for those who live in urban areas. You will be easier to sell the house footprint because traditionally many Indonesian people who prefer a property of this one. This is why the house easier to sell than an apartment.

3. Bank Guarantee

The house footprint is more easily accepted by banks as collateral in if you want to take out a loan. But this usually can only be done after you pay by installments over two years of home ownership credit.

4. The bill is lower

The monthly fee you have to pay for bills, such as electricity and water, will be cheaper than the maintenance fee for a home in the apartment. You also exempt from the parking fee.

5. Freedom to expand and change the layout

You will be more flexible to expand and change the layout of the house. You are free to define the architecture and layout of your home, including the number of rooms and the large garden. It can not have if you live in an apartment.

Some of these things become the reason Indonesian people would rather stay at home footprint (landed house) than apartments. Even so, staying in the apartment also has the advantages of a home site, such as:

1. Full facilities

Most apartments have facilities such as swimming pools and gardens. Cost for apartment living is more expensive than at home because the apartment is equipped with such facilities. Other facilities that are provided are sports facilities, a spa, mini market and restaurant. In fact there are also apartments that are connected to the shopping center.

2. Location of the Strategic

Most apartments are located in the city center. This gives an advantage to you that can save time and costs to go to work. In addition, access to public places such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets and much more easier.

3. Facility Security

The apartment is equipped by a security facility, such as security guard, CCTV and security procedures that require guests to leave an identity card before they could get into the elevator.

4. Practical

Building maintenance is the responsibility of the manager of the apartment. You also do not have to take care of themselves all sorts of payment of monthly bills such as electricity and water.

With some of the advantages and disadvantages that exist, the option to buy a house or an apartment is very dependent on your needs.