After a day of work, you’ll want to rest and sleep quality. To make it happen, your bedroom should be cool, dark, and quiet, like detached from the outside world.

Not only that. If you want to create an atmosphere ideal for rest room, there are some things that should not be in your bedroom. Consider the following :

1. Mobile phones

Most people have a particular reason to keep mobile phones near their bed. You may be one who thinks that the mobile phone as an alarm function. Perhaps also, you fear there will be a midnight emergency calls.

It is not wrong, of course. However, please note, that the reasons actually interfere with the quality of your sleep. Every time the phone rings or vibrates, restful sleep you will be disturbed. In fact, the light of a cell phone can cause problems.

Blue light from smart phones and other electronic devices trigger arousal in the brain and impair hormone production meltonin, the hormone that helps sleep. The more often you use a mobile phone before going to bed, the harder you fall asleep.

So, from now on, leave for a moment the phone in another room and exaggerated sound of your alarm.

2. Work

According to Harvard’s Division of Sleep Medicine, 80 percent of young professionals admitted to work in the mattress before going to bed. It is certainly ruin their sleep patterns. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from insomnia, you are prohibited from working through a laptop, tablet or mobile phone while in the bedroom, especially during the hours of sleep.

3. No pets

A person usually has emotions attached to continue to be close to their pets. However, sharing a bed with a pet is one way of “spoil” your deep sleep.

Every time your pet to move or speak, inevitably you will awaken. In fact, 30 percent of pet owners who share a bed with her pet, woke up at least once a night.

Pets are also carrying dust, pollen and dander produced from activities all day. It also will increase the risk of allergies.

4. Food

Breakfast in bed sounds glamorous, but a crumb of food is not the case. For reasons of hygiene, the food is not recommended to be in the bedroom. In addition, the activity of eating is also not in accordance with the bedtime routine.

“I chose not to eat in bed at all. Keep your bedroom as a sacred place for you to rest,” said Kadi Dulude, owner of Wizard of Homes hygiene services.

5. Book

Not a few people reading before bed. Nevertheless, the experts said, the only two activities that can be done in bed, namely sex and sleep.

Therefore, if you are reading a book, especially a heavy book or draw, you will concentrate on completing every page of curiosity. Interest, emotional sense, and the knowledge gained from the books you read can lead you into a bad sleep quality.