Have a nice house walls and interesting is everyone’s dream. Would be very boring if the walls of the house we just looks plain with a color that is almost never changed. Make the walls of the house to make it look more attractive and artful we need to get around to making a good mix of colors coupled with certain ornaments to beautify your walls. One of them is by using a wallpaper for the walls of your home.

Wallpaper is one of the designs to beautify the room on the walls of your home. Besides beautify the room wallpaper function also as a precaution so that the walls are not too dirty.

Then how do I install the wallpaper on your home? Here the author tries to share some ideas, and hopefully you are interested in 7 Tips Creative Beautify room with this wallpaper.

1. Clean the first wall of your house. To install the wallpaper on the wall look for a flat wall surface. Means a flat wall surface is not perforated wall, cracked and peeling paint. Because it will look ugly when papering the walls are problematic.

2. Prepare a mixture of glue with water, the glue into two parts. That is more viscous glue and glue rather watery. More viscous glue has a function for more glue than dilute glue.

3. Measure wallpaper as field wall, make the width of the wallpaper according to the plane of the wall. For the connection, given the size more about 1cm to 1.5cm.

4. Cut the wallpaper according to the instructions on the reels. Trim in accordance with the shape of the pattern of the wall.

5. Mark your walls with a pencil to adjust the placement of wallpaper that looks straight and neat.

6. Cover the walls of your home by using glue before papering. Note the markings on the walls of your home that you have written with a pencil before. Then put wallpaper with caution in order to patch looks neat.

7. Once the wallpaper finally installed, flatten until really no patch wallpaper bulging in the middle. Note also the sides and edges of the wallpaper until nothing is slanted or skewed.