Surveys house one important step you need to do before buying a home. Either a new home or resale, or indent homes that are still under construction, is very important for you to know exactly the location and condition of the building.

In addition to the specifications of the building, you also need to be more critical to the details of the plan space which is usually listed in the brochure. Note the placement of the kitchen, spacious family room dimensions, up to the laying of bedrooms, whether in accordance with the needs of the family?

But not everyone can do the inspection of the building with jelly. Prior to invite experts or people who are experienced to participate in the survey phase of building the house, try to see some of the following points are important to know.

Are there stains, mildew or humidity are high on the wall?

When buying a resale home, generally a lot of damage to buildings occurred. One is the damp walls which become signs of water leakage. Although no major damage but you’ll need a pretty serious repair.

Check the robustness ceiling

In the new home, you may not be able to detect this damage. But for the home ready for habitation or resale home, ceiling damage often occurs in buildings that are less solid. Try checking the physical form of the ceiling, whether it has started to bind or loose?

If found, ask the homeowner to immediately fix or you can bargain the price a little lower than before.

Check the contents of the closet in a wet area

If the house is already filled by some of the furniture, such as kitchen sets or drawers, open all the doors to detect if there is the scent of damp and mildew. Humid smell could be an indication of water leakage or timber that can be weathered.

Checks cracked walls

Note carefully if there are cracks in the walls inside and outside. Wall cracks with a width of more than 2mm can trigger a larger cracks. For further detection you can enlist the help of expert construction.

Is the fungus was found in the bedroom or bathroom?

Fungi typically looks like a dirty cloud on the walls and ceilings, even those still leave scars after cleaning. To get rid of in total you will probably need professional help at no small cost.

Check the interior wall plaster

Generally for a new home, you can check the tidiness of the work the constructor of plaster walls inside. If there is an error processing will usually develop cracks fibers on several sides. These cracks can be further enlarged when the walls will be painted.

Check eligibility roof

Starting from the roof to the gutter, you may need to check it directly. Because if only seen from below, the damage that is often unnoticed.

If you are still in doubt, you can ask for the help of experts to check directly.