Apartments now let be an alternative dwelling in this modern era. The reason, many developers offer cheaper selling price than the tenement. Moreover, the location of apartments are generally located in the middle of the city so it can cut the distance and the cost of transportation to the workplace.

But the consequences of the price of a cheap apartment of course berimbas on the size of its dwelling. But living in a limited occupancy is not necessarily a means of leaving comfort.

If you live in a vertical dwelling, know the five secrets from that will make you comfortable living in an apartment.

1. Complete with the best furniture

To support the comfort, make sure to equip your apartment with the best furniture. The best furniture does not mean to be expensive but that suits your comfort.

For example if you are fond of cooking, make sure the cooking utensils in the kitchen area and furnishings are comfortable and appropriate for you.

2. Facilitate Your Needs

Know what you need, and facilitate all your needs in the dwelling. This will make you comfortable and feel at home in the apartment.

For example if you like to play games, complete with favorite games. If you love to exercise complete with a simple exercise equipment.

3. Expand storage area

Limited land must maximize storage space to always look neat. So make sure you have plenty of storage space. The form of storage is also not always a shelf.

Now you can take advantage of multifunctional furniture as storage space. For example a sofa that the seats can be opened and there is empty space to store goods.

The more storage, the better because it makes it easier for you to keep things that make the apartment is always neat.

4. Organized

Get used to always be organized in doing all the things so that your apartment room will look always neat.

Make a schedule to clean the apartment every day, always keep the goods in place, and so on.

5. Good lighting

Make sure your apartment has good lighting. If you get a large window in the main room, make sure to always open the window in the morning until late afternoon to get natural light.

While at night make sure you equip the apartment with good lighting, not too bright or dim. Also make sure not to dazzle your eyes.