Having a wall of a house with a plain design standards and will probably look very boring. We should be able to make a good design concept that we are more comfortable in the house. However, the lack of reference materials and good design to make the walls we let the walls with plain color as the walls in general. Though the walls will be decorated with a particular draw attention and make the room more beautiful and comfortable. So how do decorate the walls of the house to make it look more attractive? Here are tips that you should try at home as possible, and one that fits for your reference by trying 5 Creative Ideas Decorate Home Walls that your home look more attractive.

1. Combination Cat

Try mixing and matching the colors of your walls a different color. This may be a bit risky for you, especially for those of you who do not know some nice color combinations for the room. We advice members to use a blend of soft colors with neutral colors or bright colors with neutral colors. Neutral colors consist of white, black and gray. While soft colors consisting of pink and purple. Also bright colors such as blue, green, yellow and red.

2. Wallpaper

If you’re too lazy to combine colors, you can try this one way. Wallpaper is a wall decoration that is very popular at the moment, if you get bored with plain walls with wallpaper design and the use of certain patterns to decorate the walls of your home.

3. Wall Sticker

If you are afraid of the risk difficult to remove the paint pattern on the wallpaper, we have an alternative for you is by using wall stickers. In addition to a more simple form of wall stickers also have a unique design and funny.

4. Photo

Decorate your photos on the walls will give the impression to people who accidentally saw the walls of your house. Decorate photos with neatly lined up on the wall, do not forget to display the photographs are unique and able to attract the attention of people who see it.

5. Wall Wood

Use a wooden wall in your home, wood walls have a considerable artistic impression. So a wall will be seen differently than on the walls of the house in general.