if the principle used in choosing a house is 4L (location, location, location, and location), now there is another perspective that you should also know.

You must pay attention to many things before buying a home, not only because the price is not cheap, but also because the house you will stay for a long time.

Location is a major consideration in buying a home. But before doing trading contracts, do not forget also some other aspects.

The developer offers two types of houses that are ready house ready (ready stock) and indent (new house built after the sale-purchase agreement). Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If the house is ready for habitation, usually you will be more calm. Because, the original form of the house has been seen so it will be easier to convince the bank.

In addition, you do not have to wait long, and can immediately immediately placed. Although the form of the house has been seen, you can not confirm the truth of the material home.

Formula 4

While the advantages of home indent, you can still monitor from the first stage to the end. Can even request additional home design.

However, the worries also bind at the time of settlement. Feared will take longer than expected.

Other 4 formulas that can be used as reference in choosing your dream home include legality, location, environment, and logic,

1. Legality

Generally, people are now looking for properties (especially houses) that are already in status of Certificate of Property and Certificate of Right to Build.

What you need to know is that land ownership rights that can be financed with mortgages are only two, namely property rights and use rights.

That is, make sure you buy a house with the status of Ownership and Use Rights building. These two statuses will be accepted by the bank.

2. Location

The second way is to choose a location. In considering the location, you should consider three things to see strategic locations such as their designation, easy access, and prospective.

There is a saying that finding homes is like looking for a mate. Not only seen from the physical form of the house alone but also include instinct or use the feeling.

3. Environment

If the location is general, the environment is more specific. Adjust the environment to your needs. For example, if you have children of childhood, try living in an environment with people who have children the same age.

Avoid living in an environment where many retirees live. The reason, a child needs a peer who can be invited to play for the process of growing up.

No wonder if today many families are looking for residential in the middle of a safe area and certainly has a large open area.

4. Logic

Last is to use your logic in choosing the ruamh to be purchased. Usually the developers will issue a surefire moves to build consumer confidence to immediately buy their home wares.

Developers do boombastis marketing is fine. Now, just your decision. Be a potential buyer who does not immediately believe in the lure of the developer.