The uniqueness of bamboo furniture making some people attracted to it as a complement to the house. However, as the wooden furniture, bamboo furniture also needs care, so as not quickly broken.

Here are some things to consider to take care of your bamboo furniture:

1. Should the bamboo is not exposed to rain and direct sun.

2. Bamboo is very sensitive to temperature changes. This can result in a bamboo easily cracked. In fact, cracks can spread throughout the bamboo rods bamboo rods because the fiber is straight.

3. Do not let bamboo in direct contact with the soil, because it will cause soil moisture into the bamboo fiber. Soil moisture can cause mold on a bamboo rod and reduce the power and make the display to be ugly.

4. Should bamboo material given liquid coatings. Thus, bamboo easily cleaned when exposed to water or rain. In addition, the water was not easily seep seep into the bamboo rod.