Tips Using the Tools Vacuum Cleaner / Vacuum Cleaner

in general in Indonesia, particularly in housing, not many people use a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet home. There are still many who use the traditional way of the broom. Although the health of the use of a vacuum cleaner is much better because of the dust directly inhaled by the engine, thereby reducing the risk of allergies to dust or respiratory disorders. Here are tips on how to use a vacuum cleaner to safely before you may want to start using it in your home.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, make sure the electrical voltage in the home in accordance with the power supply voltage at a vacuum cleaner to buy. you must see this site air duct cleaning Phoenix before you buy it.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner in outdoor or wet place.

Do not leave the vacuum cleaner / vacuum cleaner in a state attached to the outlet

Do not use the vacuum cleaner if the cable plug is damaged, fall, or fall into the water.

Do not operate the vacuum cleaner if your hands are wet

Turn off the on / off before pulling the plug

If you want to turn off the vacuum cleaner, first unplug the power cord, do not pull the cord.

Clean the filter in the vacuum cleaner of hair, dirt, or pieces of fabric that can impede airflow.

Replace always filter or dust filter every time you use a vacuum cleaner.

Not recommended for sucking something burning or smoky.

Not used to suck flammable liquids.

Switch off the engine before installing or disconnecting the vacuum hose.

Keep out of reach of children – children.

Save the vacuum cleaner in a dry place and out of reach of children – children in order to avoid a tripping hazard.

Perform regular maintenance on the vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner is one of the things that could make your vacuum cleaner durable and lasting. One part to consider is the filter and dust container. The cleaning should be done once a week, for a little clogged the vacuum cleaner can not be used. Use a small brush to clean the filter. And use a rag to clean the dust container.

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Know Dust and its Impact on Health

Posted on December 23, 2013

Dust was a number of small solid particles with diameters less than 500 micrometers. The dust comes from many sources: loess spread by wind, volcanic eruptions, pollution and so forth. Generally particles that can cause pollution, will have an impact on plants, animals and humans. Normally polluted air can cause a variety of diseases that would affect health. Close to the dust disease usually affects the respiratory tract. Some of the diseases that attack the respiratory tract are:

Pneumoconiosis is a disease of the respiratory tract caused by dust entering through the air and settles in the lungs – lungs. Usually this type – a type of pneumoconiosis disease commonly found in industrial areas or technology. To prevent dust from entering into the airways or reduce the risk of respiratory disease, may use a mask or handkerchief when it was in place or dusty locations. Type – the type of disease is mostly found in industrial areas include the following; silicosis, a disease caused by free silica dust pollution in the form of CO2, which is widely available in steel plant, where iron ore miners, tin and coal. Signs of the disease is usually shortness of breath and cough with phlegm. The second type is asbestosis, a disease caused by dust or airborne asbestos fibers, which can cause shortness of breath and cough with phlegm. The third type is Bisinosis, diseases caused by dust of cotton or cotton fibers in the air. Sign – a sign of this disease are shortness of breath and feel heavy in the chest.