The Proper Way of Furnishing Your Home

Though most people don’t like the process of relocating to other places, one can hardly state that decorating your home isn’t pleasing. Going to a new place and selecting how to make it really yours is a process that few people find unpleasant. Regrettably, however, there are things that can not only harm the entire procedure, but you can turn out with a jammed up place, which won’t fit neither your desires, nor your partner’s. Why does this happen? Because often we can’t assess correctly the amount of space a piece of furniture would take and we end up buying larger furniture that barely fits our room. And this does apply to everyone. But we have some help for you, in order to help you make your place nice and pleasant, while keeping its functionality and freedom intact.


A good principle is to check the dimensions of every room and then decrease the area by half. Ideally, you would want to have half the room free, in order to be able to move without being hindered by furniture. That said, half of the space may not even be sufficient, as furniture setting also matters and if you don’t take into consideration space optimization, you may wind up with lots of small corridors, but none satisfactory enough for passing through. Even though this isn’t such a issue with bedrooms, it is rather the inconvenience when it comes to the kitchen space and the dining room. Bear in mind that some smaller rooms don’t fare well with the thought of proportions, so using up half the space in a small room may feel like you are using it all up.

One more thing about taking up space is that there are certain rooms, which need to be emptier in general. Your living room, for instance, may handle some bookcases, a big TV, a nice sofa, couple of armchairs and a small table even, and not feel excessively furnished, because that is the nature of the living room, but if you have 7 chairs at a kitchen table that only fits 3, you will right away notice how stuffed the whole thing is.

On the note of colors, we have to point out that it is really up to you. There are some self-announced designers out there, who think they know it all too well how to mix and match colors, but all things considered, we think it’s up to your personal preference, because you will be living there, so you should love what you are looking at, and who are we to say that blue and pink don’t go well together? Have fun with your place, as coloring is one important thing that is easily changeable. This is applicable to every single part of the artistic appeal of your home.

In the end, you have to think about hiring the right movers not only for the furnishing, but arranging your new furniture as well. There are many instances where people buy a new leatherette recliner only to damage it because of improper moving. There are some great choices, if you are looking for Chicago movers, who can take good care of the job and do it well.