The Benefits of Stone Flooring

Just like paint, the options for flooring in your home can seem endless. Not only will you have dozens of choices, you will also have to decide whether each room gets a different choice or whether you want your entire home uniform. Stone flooring can be a great option for those who want to have a durable, beautiful floor throughout the home. Before you hire a stone flooring Oregon expert, here are some benefits to consider when it comes to stone flooring.

Excellent Durability

There is a good reason that stone has been used in buildings for centuries, and that is because of its durability. It is more durable than most other modern flooring products on the market today. Even with high foot traffic, a stone floor will stand the test of time with minimal effort with cleaning and maintenance.

Stone is an Eco-Friendly Product

Another benefit that eco-conscious homeowners will love about stone flooring is that it is an eco-friendly choice. Stone is a readily available material that can be chosen for its color and pattern, then crafted into a floor that you will enjoy for a lifetime. It needs no special chemicals or harsh materials during installation, so you will have peace of mind that you are not introducing anything manmade into your home.

Easy Transitions from Indoor to Outdoor

Another reason that homeowners choose stone flooring over all of the other options is that is can make for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is especially helpful for areas of a home where you can open wide doors, such as a kitchen space opening up to a large patio or outdoor living area. Stone can often be used in both areas, making it a more uniform look to bring the indoors outdoors.