The Benefits of Berber Rugs

If you want to feel connected to history, you should purchase a Moroccan Berber rug. For centuries, the tribes of North Africa have created beautiful rugs. The design patterns tell a story. The rugs are soft and durable. Unlike synthetic rugs, Berber rugs have distinguishable qualities, and they are great luxury decor items. Synthetic rugs cannot keep you warm in the winter. Berber rugs can keep your floors warm, and they can withstand wear and tear. The rugs have a dense weave pattern and sizable loops.

A Long History
Most rugs are available in white or a creamy beige color. Throughout the years, the design patterns were passed down from the experts to the novices. Most of the weavers are women, and they are proud of their history. Some of the Moroccan rugs have simple designs, and some of the rugs have complex patterns. If you love studying the meaning of symbolic patterns, you will have endless hours of entertainment. Hundreds of years ago, tribal symbols were woven into rugs. The rugs are still used as a form of expression. Like hieroglyphics, the symbols explain myths and legends.

Impressive Craftsmanship
Centuries ago, the tribal people had to live in an inhospitable climate. Most of the Berber people live in Morocco. Originally, the rugs were designed to keep the earliest settlers warm. The rugs were used as blankets and shawls. Moroccan rugs have natural fibers, and the tribal people are known for their impressive craftsmanship skills. A Moroccan rug is a premium product. The geometric design pattern will blend perfectly with most design themes.

Versatile Decor
The rug can be used in a common area or a bedroom. A Berber rug can be used as a floor covering or a piece of wall art. Your visitors will admire your luxurious rug. When you are ready to change your decor theme, you can simply hang the rug over a door. Morrocan rugs are suitable for large and small households.

Cleaning Morrocan Rugs
Synthetic rugs cannot withstand normal wear and tear. Moroccan rugs can be cleaned with common household products. They can also be cleaned with commercial cleaning products. If the rug has a stain, you can clean it with peroxide or vinegar. You can let your rug dry outside in the sunshine. A gentle vacuum will remove crumbs and debris from the soft fibers.

A Berber rug is perfect for a minimalist, and the thick rug can add style to any room. The elegant geometric design is clean and simple. Berber rugs are timeless decor pieces. Moroccan rugs are somewhat more expensive than synthetic rugs, but each rug is unique. The crafting technique has been practiced for hundreds of years, and weavers have perfected their technique.