Storage Space Throughout Your Home You Never Knew You Had!

It’s an ongoing dilemma which all homeowners share; where are you going to put everything? It seems like no matter how hard you try, you just don’t have enough space. What if we told you that there is a lot of space around your home, you just have to be creative?


If you have a stove top, then you have a range hood to carry out the steam and smoke. Take a look at yours and you’ll realize that, as stylish as it is, it’s just a small pipe going into your roof. Either side of this exhaust is the perfect place to build inexpensive cupboards for small items like spices and small cooking utensils.


Do you see that standard mirror you have been looking at for years? It’s time to take it down and replace it with a streamlined mirror which opens up to storage. While you shouldn’t expect to store your hair dryer in there, if you’ve taken advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Coastal and need somewhere to store your contacts, or you have small bottles of lotions and creams for your morning and nightly routine, this is the perfect space.

If you do need space for your hair dryer and other larger appliances, a durable and well-made set of hanging shelves on the back of your bathroom door will do the trick.


It seems obvious. However, many homeowners associate under bed storage with children’s mess and dismiss the idea entirely. Instead of just pushing your items under your bed, install a small self-sitting sliding drawer for items such as linen or towels. The same idea applies to any free-standing closets or bedside tables you have with space underneath their legs.


Modern homes are all about open space. And while this looks stylish, the laundry is a place of function. Measure how much space you actually need above your washer and dryer to comfortably get your clothes in and out, and then install some small cupboards above them both. The cupboards don’t need to be large, just big enough to hold your detergents, DIY tools, and medications you would prefer to keep out of reach

These are just a few of the many great ways you can find storage space around your home. The next time you have a weekend to yourself, take a tour of your home and make it your mission to find space in every room you set foot it; you’ll be surprised by the creative ways you will come up with.