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Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the most ornamental, among various types of floor covers. Their anti-slippery properties are superb. And regarding tear and breakages, they are more tolerant. In order that we do not damage or shrink them, we must ensure that correct carpet cleaning is used. To ensure successful cleaning, you must know the construction and style of the carpet. It won’t bring you superior cleaning if you only do vacuum cleaning. This is the best way to do proper carpet cleaning.

No matter how hard you try, it very hard to juggle between work and home. All you busy moms out there, this guide will give you tips and tricks to get it done quick and fast. This is the ultimate guide to carpet cleaning. Wasting time is like wasting money. Ready or not we are doing carpet cleaning!

This carpet cleaning guide is full of efficient tips and tricks for you. If you want to ensure that your next steps will be easier, do every step correctly.

1.Pre-Inspection. Cleaning carpets will be so much easier if you will start by checking the fibers first, for stains as well as any noteworthy problems that you might see.

2.Dry Vacuum. This is a very important step in the cleaning process and should not be overlooked. This actually removes 80% of dry soil and dirt. Starts first with a quick dry vacuuming of the area you are going to do carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is important since the removal of dry soil will make next steps easier. The dirt will never be removed if you fail to start with this necessary step.

3.Pre-Spray and Stain Removal. A spot or stain on the carpet can ruin its overall appearance. Doing proper carpet cleaning will remove them effectively without damaging the carpet. Treat all stains beforehand to ensure the best out of what you will do. Full coverage spraying is the key. For better carpet cleaning, use good stain removal solutions. It does a fair amount of ground work in breaking up sticky bonds that the dirt has to the carpet pile.

4.Agitation. Proper carpet cleaning is achieved if you do agitation and distribution of cleaning solution into the carpet pile. Going for the rotary machine, meaning going for gold. Those difficult to clean areas of the carpet will be easier with this one. Your best friend in carpet cleaning is the chemistry of the solution you are going to use. Heat and agitation contribute and they’re both important in this step of carpet cleaning. Later on, your carpet will have evenly appearance.

5.Deep Cleaning. Carpet extractors are best for carpet cleaning. It provides enough heat to penetrate tough spots. Using heated water with those gentle chemicals available will be able to break apart most of dirt particles. Deep carpet cleaning includes usage of gentle chemicals. This step allows carpets to dry faster.

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance with correct carpet cleaning methods. Let’s do carpet cleaning now!