Simple Ways to Maintain Cleanliness home & environment

9 simple ways to keep their homes and surroundings:

 Maintain cleanliness around

Maintain cleanliness around the house/dwelling or even at work can be done in a classical way but actually effective, namely by sweeping and mopping. Sweep to remove dust or dry waste, whereas a mop to clean up the site affected by wet garbage. Disinfectant is required after the mop to kill bacteria that might still be attached to the floor.

Throw garbage in its place

Disposing of garbage in its place is a small thing but it was “difficult” to do until it can clog waterways, causing flooding. Disposing of waste in place should also be distinguished by their very nature. The easiest is to distinguish between organic and non-organic waste. Organic waste is waste that comes from nature and easily broken down by nature, such as leaves, banana peels, orange peels, and others. While non-organic garbage is garbage man-made and hard to decompose by nature, other plastic bottles, plastic crackle, straws, plastic spoons, paper packaging beverages, and so forth. Paper into the category of non-organic waste. Why should it be distinguished? So that recycling easier. so the room stays fresh you can visit ac repair peoria



Folding junk food/drink box

Beverage packaging box-shaped paper, such as milk, tea, coffee, and other types of drinks, if we look further at the one side, usually shown how to remove it. Namely flat new then thrown into the trash. How to dispose of such suggestions listed on the packaging box, it is actually effective in reducing the volume of waste in the trash, especially for living in a boarding house, which usually uses the bins with minimal size.

Garbage crush plastic bottles

Still, remember the ad one drink water in plastic bottles are visualized disposed of crushed beforehand? By following the advice of the advertise we will get two (2) advantages, the first to reduce the volume of waste and the second is to avoid the use of bottles former. use bottles is a very dangerous thing, especially with a plastic which is already written disposable alias can not be used anymore.


Recycling bins need to be done to empower reuse waste that is still used. Take advantage of cooking oil plastic packaging, plastic packaging soaps large size is used for the planting medium. So on the front porch that only small-sized or can be filled with crops of vegetables that can be consumed daily. Fair to save expenses.

Unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use

Cell phone charger plugged in and connected to the state of electricity is our habits in general. Probably never seen a public service announcement about energy vampires, one that is included is a mobile phone charger or laptop. So unplug the phone charger or other electrical devices when they are not being used to save electricity.

Turn off water taps when not in use anymore

It is the simple things that can be done, but it was very hard to do. Though simple, it could be somebody when brushed teeth at the sink turned off the water and just pour water to rinse, not pour water over the sink faucet brushed teeth. Remember, the soil water content can be thinned, especially in big cities now springing up a lot of hotels, shopping centers, entertainment centers, which would siphon water needs, but not matched with adequate infiltration wells.

Getting rid of trash that can hold rainwater

Suspending or even dispose of and make sure not to hold water during the rainy season, so we’ve been making efforts to keep the environment healthy.

Maintain cleanliness of clothes to shoes

Maintain cleanliness means also keep the air around. Keep the air around means keeping our mood to always think positively. Shown with clean clothes added confidence that can establish a successful mindset.