Simple Steps to Protect Your Home’s AC and Heater

Homeowners like you may take for granted the simple luxury of turning on your central air conditioner or heater when the weather gets too hot or cold. The flip of a switch lets you cool or heat your house without having to take extreme measures.

It is only when this system malfunctions that you realize how important it is to your daily life. When you take preventative steps like hiring a contractor for inspection, diagnostics, and HVAC maintenance Chicago homeowners like you can ensure that your system is always ready to use anytime of the year.


Seasonal Inspection and Diagnostics

Many homeowners lack the knowledge or skill to work on their own HVAC systems. You may have no idea what if anything could challenge it or what could compromise its function this season.

Rather than rely on your own lack of knowledge to tell if anything could be wrong with it, you can get precise information about your system when you call a contractor to come to your home to inspect and diagnose the unit. The HVAC professional can take apart the unit’s outside to view inside the motor. He or she can also look at smaller parts like the filter, valves, and hoses to determine if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

The contractor can also diagnose bigger issues like a motor that is about to burn out or a ventilation system that needs to be overhauled or replaced. This early seasonal diagnosis gives you time to act so that you can repair or replace the system entirely before the weather turns.

After the problem has been diagnosed and fixed, you may then wonder what you can do on your part to keep the system in good condition. The HVAC tech may tell you that you should brush and hose off the exterior unit after you mow your yard. Grass clippings, dust, and dirt can clog up filters and intake valves, causing the unit to overheat and malfunction.

Likewise, you may be encouraged to run the fan on the inside unit if the system freezes up and starts blowing out hot air. Running the fan helps the hoses thaw out and also encourages condensation to dry up so that the unit can start taking in and cooling air properly again. If these measures fail, you should call a licensed HVAC technician.