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Steps On How To Bail Your Hay A large hay stock to feed your livestock during winter is recommended. However, many people find themselves in a dilemma of how to store the hay. To store hay for a significant period, you should store it in bales. There is a great urge to bale hay, and this has continued increasing tractor sales. Folding hay into bales is considered a hard task for a farmer who is not experienced.It is wise to take note of the weather conditions during the bailing process. The following are some simple steps to follow in the bailing process. You should in the first step ensure that all the grass in the farm is ready for bailing. Mowing is a process that should be carried on the grass when it has reached its growth limit. Immediately the grass has been cut; it should be given time for the curing process. The curing process is influenced by the weight of the grass the atmospheric conditions around the farm.The grass is also subjected to raking after it has been cut.When raking is done, one or two rows are usually created. The next step is the attachment of the baler to the tractor.Practices such as greasing and ensuring that all the belts are tight in the right way are important. You are then required to load the bale twine on the tractor. Its purpose is holding the hay together. You should then check the readiness of the windrowed hay to be bailed.Wet clamps should not be present in the windrowed hay.When the hay has a crispy feel; it is usually ready to be bailed. You should center the tractor with the windrow then move it downwards. It is recommended that if hay is not reaching the entry chamber, one should try weaving forward and backward. It is wise for a farmer who is always bailing to keep checking the indicator lights.Indicators will help you know when to tie the bale. A farmer should also back up the tractor with a bit. It is the place where the bale drops after the bailing process. These steps should be followed as indicated above. Repeatedly continue with the process for the rest of the field. Hay usually cause clogging of the baler at times. However, you should not worry as long as the system you are using has safety chocks. Bailing is a wise process to ensure that your product is readily available to be bought in the market.Always feel comfortable by following those tips.What I Can Teach You About Jobs

What I Can Teach You About Jobs