Case Study: My Experience With Reviews

Finding the Best Review Website

The value of having online reviews is a common idea promoted by most internet sites. Included in the list of companies reviewed on sites are B2B companies, B2C companies

The best of them all and the most popular is the Amazon customer review site. Fake opinions and misrepresented views are kept of due to address and name attachments. It is a two-end forum as firms are allowed to respond to reviews about their products. The first company to start such operations was the Amazon customer review internet site.

In 1995, the company started allowing users to review products and services available on its site. The information provided by the site shapes the buying decisions of most reviewers and consumers. Consumers are used to reviewing products on Amazon even they bought it elsewhere provided it is sold on Amazon.

There are two types of products not found on Amazon namely drug products and gasoline. The reviews help other interested buyers in making right decisions after making comparison of the reviews available on Amazon.

The differentiating factor between two products i.e. one bought and the other left lies in two things namely the shining gold stars and reviews by those who have used the product before. There are a five-star grading used by Amazon users. The website then takes the initiative to breakdown the ratings based on percentage reviews. This leads to the website being ranked as one with best reviews

Immediately after the Amazon customer review we have the Angie’s list. The service industry in the US is served by this website well. Paid up members is the ones allowed to use this service To access the website, consumers must pay what the company asks for. There is a subscription fee for members. However; the services are worth the fee.

The scale used by consumers is that running from A through to F. Reviews are well-thought out. The site has reviews written in respectable language even if they are negative criticisms. Every review must have a name and address. Fake opinions and misrepresented views are kept of due to address and name attachments. Firms whose products are listed also have space to respond to the reviews.

Not far from Angie’s list and Amazon customer reviews is Choice. This is an Australian site. The site receives support from the local consumers in the community. It is different from other sites as it conducts independent tests on products and services and gives its reviews. Although other options are available, most of the reviews are as a result of independent reviews by Choice. Listing buying guides and developing product comparison are other services offered by the Choice. There is also room for members to offer their ratings.

Find Trustpilot is an additional site for reviews. Steadily, the review site is growing fast. It is a community driven reviewer’s site in Denmark. It has now expanded to 65 other countries outside Europe. The US is one of the countries where consumers enjoy these services. The reviews are third-party certified as the customer writes both seller and product reviews.

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