Is It Time To Replace Your Sash Windows?

Timber windows fell out of favour in the late 20th Century, thanks to an increase in popularity of PVC and a decrease in the quality of timber used in window construction. However, modern timber windows and even some of the better quality, old windows, really do stand the test of time with an expected lifespan of 60 years or more. Despite this, there does come a time when your windows are in need of considerable repair, or it could possibly be time to replace them.

Replacement Glazing

If you have really old timber sash windows in your home, then you should consider the quality of the glazing itself. Many old installations used single glazed window panes and these are highly inefficient. They can leave you with cold pockets of air in your rooms, and require that you turn the heating up, increasing your energy consumption and your energy spend. By replacing your old timber sash windows with new ones, you can have double or even triple glazing fitted, while also ensuring that the frames and the sealants prevent the loss of energy from within. Secondary glazing is an alternative option, where a second layer of glazing is added without having to replace the windows, but this does not offer the same energy efficiency as modern double glazing does.


Maintaining timber frame windows does take some time and effort. The frames need cleaning, preparing, treating, and painting every year or two but while this might sound like a chore, it can also be viewed as a benefit. The ability to repaint the woodwork means that you can update and refresh the windows without having to pay for expensive replacements. Even if your windows are old, and look damaged beyond repair, it is worth asking a professional sash window installation company to take a look and determine whether repairs can be made or whether you really will need to have new windows fitted.

If you find that you are having to make increasingly frequent or excessive repairs, then this may be a sign that it really is time to replace the windows for new ones.

New Timber Windows

Modern timber sash windows are a better quality than timber windows of the 20th Century. The demand for glazing installations meant that manufacturers started using sub-par timber, and this was rotting and becoming badly damaged even while the frames sat ready for installation. The problem was further exacerbated by the introduction of PVC. Timber manufacturers looked for ways to reduce the cost of their products, and started using young trees that did not have the same quality.

Modern timber frames are made from sustainable sources, and are constructed from hardwood that has its own natural oils to help prevent damage and weathering. Similarly, the manufacturing techniques, the glazing itself, and the components that are used to construct the windows are all made from high quality material and using the latest, reliable and trusted manufacturing techniques. As such, you will enjoy a long life from your new timber frame sash windows.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can repair existing sash windows, where possible, and also manufacture and install high quality, beautiful, and long-lasting timber sash windows.